Driving in Neighborhoods

October 10, 2022

If you've ever wondered why a residential neighborhood has a speed limit, you either grew up in an apartment building or lived in an older neighborhood that didn't have kids. As you know, neighborhoods look different from state to state. There are sometimes apartment complexes in the city and if you drive by there is still a posted speed limit in that area that you must obey. The usual speed limit is twenty-five. The reason for a speed limit is due to the fact that children might play and it advises you to be aware of the unexpected.

A ball may suddenly roll in front of you. A child may suddenly run in front of you after this ball. An animal, like a dog in some cases, has been known to run between cars and catch drivers off guard. The twenty-five speed limit gives you the opportunity to stop quickly. It also gives you the ability to keep control of your car when you had to stop quickly. It can happen that you brake too quickly and lose control of your car. It may slide sideways, which could cause you to hit something on the road or another vehicle.

In this case you will have to make a claim with your car insurance and risk your car insurance rates going up if too many claims are made against your policy. When you search for free online car insurance quotes, questions come to mind like how many times have you been in an accident? Were the accidents regarded as your fault or was the ticket issued to you by the police at the scene of the accident? These are questions that may or may not affect your auto insurance premiums. Of course that depends on your answers.

If you are in a residential area, be aware that there is a posted speed limit and obey it. The cost of the ticket is not worth the cost or the points in your travel pass.

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