Mortgage Marketing: Creating a Strong Value Proposition

October 10, 2022

Not satisfied with PVP, just a value proposition? The answer to this question is:

If I were your ideal customer, why should I do business?

1,000 lenders, not a competing creditor?

An important step that is often overlooked is to ensure that the pvp is aimed at the ideal customer.  Don't try to please everyone because you can know who your ideal customers are and what they need.  Avoid creating blurry, nonspecific PWPs that no one likes.

What makes PVP better?   What can an environmental impact assessment do for you?  ?   Here's a good example: Why do people choose Geico? You can save more than 15% on car insurance in 15 minutes.  Why is it so beautiful?

- It is easy to understand, briefly, memorable.  A lot of people can repeat that too.

This may also be true for other auto insurance companies, but Geico is the only company that creates this great business and has it consistently in millions of drivers.  It's unique.

- This message from the EIA is not a waste of time talking about what a great geic insurance company is.  Instead, the outlook quickly and clearly explains the potential benefits: savings of more than 15%.

- Changing the value is clearly displayed in advance.  Potential customers know they will have to spend 15 minutes providing information over the phone to a Geico representative for potential savings.

It is also important that this is not an MSRP.   USP is created from the point of view of the company, not from the point of view of the customer, and many people do not like or trust the merchant, waiting until the last moment to contact them.  But they don't recommend you to anyone based on your sales skills.

So what do you and your company offer to potential customers and customers who are nowhere to be found?

- What is the uniqueness of your service and organization?  ?

- Does the MsRP clearly state how you will help your customers instead of selling them?

Are you sure you can give a suggested retail price in one or two sentences?

- Does your PVP often appear in marketing messages like Geico?

- Do you have a personal battle plan?

After all, pvp should be authentic, not just an advertising slogan.  Research firm Marketing Lab has stated the recommended retail price:

"It has to be what you do, what you are.  It just can't be what you say or want.  Often, companies write value propositions and transportation reports that attempt to plug the cracks in their core business.  In words.  It's not working.  Your value proposition is not what you said...   It's you.

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