Six secrets insurance companies don't want to tell accident victims

October 10, 2022

Secret 1: Strict legal deadlines can prevent victims from going to court, insurance companies use these conditions to calculate the so-called statute of limitations, and skipping timely action can completely limit the right to compensation for damages caused by the negligence of others.

Special cases against public authorities must be filed within 180 days, otherwise victims may also be deprived of the opportunity to file a lawsuit.  There are many organizations, such as entertainment venues and hospitals, that cannot be owned by the government.  However, if it is owned or operated by a public authority, the victim will only file a claim within 180 days of the date of the damage.

Secret 2: After contacting the insurance company about the incident, they immediately hire an experienced professional to investigate the incident and gather evidence, giving the insurance company a reason to question their claims and minimize financial losses.

Tip 3: If you are injured by an uninsured driver, your insurance company will be your opponent, even if your contract requires you to cooperate with the insurance company.

Secret 4: Many auto insurance companies now use Colossus software to evaluate accident victims' claims, and Colossus is software that helps insurance companies predict the cost of settling claims.  Insurance company.  Of the top 20 non-life insurers in the United States, 13 use large corporations.  The colossal statue is kept secret by the insurance companies that use it.  Experts won't tell you whether the company uses the software or not.

The insurance industry believes this is a useful tool.  Personal injury lawyers know that the software benefits insurance companies.  First, by definition, the resulting value is a data entry function.  Regulators don't know what data you're entering.  In addition, this program can be, for example, B.  It does not take into account subjective factors of hypotheses that cannot be quantified, such as impairment of normal functioning due to trauma.  In court, these pains and signs of painful pain are recorded by the testimony of victims and witnesses.  Can't computer programs quantify emotional stress and loss of appetite?   Colossus' estimate is not accurate because it aims to reduce injuries sustained by victims based on the dollar value based solely on specific facts that do not reflect the overall picture of the victim or the accident.

In one case, the jury determines the value of the complaint, and the jury hears and tests many factors that the Colossus ignores.  The giant statue has no way of judging the subjective factors that could increase the jury prize,  each victim is a simple collection of huge planned figures, unlike thousands of other plaintiffs.

Experienced injury management attorneys know how a colossal statue works and how to use the program to get the best deal with an insurance company.  The key is for experts to understand that the victim is a person, not a figure, and that the incident is unique, not thousands of identical events.  Experts should trust that their lawyers will take the case to court if necessary.  Careful preparation of the procedure is the best way to ensure the maximum payment of pensions.

Secret 5: Insurance companies have a greater legal advantage than the general public: a large fortune, thousands of trained regulators, smart and professional lawyers, and 20 used to minimize or deny compensation to victims beyond legal protection.  Minimize billing payments.

Secret 6: Insurance companies are reluctant to hire an attorney for the simple reason that the victim will consistently receive higher compensation if the victim is represented by an attorney.

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